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Embedded industry evolving exponentially in various industries, some more critical than others, faces final users with limited computer science knowledges. This contrains the embedded systems designers to assure the behaviorof their systems as autonomous as possible, Nowadays such systems are software centric thus made up of a program or a set of programs  executed on a processor.  For industries with a high level of criticity (avionic, aumotive, railway, spatial) it is important to estimate the worst case execution time of a program (WCET) since a program taking more time than allowed may disturb the performance of the system possibly leading to catastrophic consequences.  The exponential evolution of embedded systems leads to very complex programs to be run in autonomy and single core processors start reaching their limits. Therefore, using processors incorporating several cores becomes inevitable. But as inevitable as it is using multicore processors brings with it the problem of time impredictability of the programs.


Statinf analyzes the interferences caused by multicores processors that prevent the autonomy of the embedded systems as well as tackling their impredictibility. In addition to autonomy, we ensure the control of the development cycles while reducing energy consumption.


Ensuring autonomous behavior of embedded devices on multicore processors


Statistical timing analysis of programs behavior on multicore processors




The idea of the statistical study is born some years ago in informal discussions between Adriana Gogonel, PhD in statistics and Liliana Cucu-Grosjean, Inria researcher. The similarity of weather forecasting problems treated by Adriana in her thesis and estimating the execution times of a program on a processor (Liliana's research topic) was not obvious at first.

The discussions motivate the beginning of a more formal collaboration that started in 2012 at Inria, having the purpose of creating a tool for the estimation of the worst case execution time of the programs running on a processor.

6 years and two patents later we decide to create this startup that transfers the technology towards the industry, having for ambition to become the leader in the analyze of temporal behavior of the programs in the embedded systems area.

Our solution is a measurement based one making it appropriate either for the programs for which the user has acces to the code as well as for blackbox programs.


« Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.»

Mark Twain

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